Nagys Audio Power Cable Power Cables

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Product Description

Cable/Plug Specifications:
  • 300 Volts RMS
  • 60C
  • 18 Amps per conductor @ 25C
  • 13 Amps per conductor @ 25C over 50ft.
  • EU RoHS compliant
  • Plug connectors 15 amps @ 125V RMS
  • Flexible design
  • 3X14 AWG bare copper (high purity) conductors
  • Tin plated heavy duty drain wire
  • Aluminum foil polyester tape shield (100% coverage) against RFI (radio frequency interference)
  • PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride insulated inner conductors and outer jacket
  • Finished with a premium Techflex sleeve, for luxurious look and feel
  • Techflex is extremely flexible, has high strength, and resistance to abrasion

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PS Audio Power Cable thoughts

First I want to say that I know everyone hears with different, lets say "resolution". That's to say the differences you hear, I might not and vice versa. I also realize that as we progress in our quest for better sound what we are left with is wanting more realism, which is subtle but very importan ... Read More »

Massive Power Cable Shoot Out

Hi All - Well LeRoy was kind enough to send me a slew of power cables and I have a lot on hand - and I'm moving up to Oakland at the end of this month - so even though I'd like to have spent more time listening - I'm going to give a post here about my impressions of the power cables on this equipmen ... Read More »

Voodoo Platinum Dragon Power Cable

The VPD cable is so fat, how fat is it, it is so fat, when it falls on a dollar bill it gets four quarters! [IMG][/IMG] Especially made for digital sources and pre-amplifiers. MSRP for 6ft: $800 (I think) More info can be ... Read More »

power cable

so recently ive decided to upgrade my power cord on my amp (rotel 1062), i have two options to choose from: #1. make a power cord myself so i can mix and match to what i want it to be or #2. buy one offline somewhere my budget it only 75 dollars total i know its not alot but im sure i can ... Read More »

Can I use a power cable from a monster amp to power a lexicon amp?

I'd like to know if I can use a power cable from a Monster amp MPA5150 to power a Lexicon LX7 amp. Why would I want to do that? Because I bought the LX7 and the seller did not send me the power cable. I just wanted to use it while waiting for the LX7 power cable to arrive. Will this damage or affect ... Read More »



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