WyWires LLC Phono Interconnect Cables

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To integrate a low output moving coil phono cartridge to a preamplifier or phono stage.

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Avr with phono imput

Hi guys, I've been building up my first surround system and its quite an adventure, and I like that. I have a turntable which I want to get the best out of, but my ONKYO AVR does not have a phono input, which is why I want you guys to recommend me a budget AVR that I can use pretty much just for th ... Read More »

New phono cartridge?

Just received my Turntable (Denon DP 61F) and it looks brand new which is amazing for a 25 year old table. However, it could sound better. It has a Shure TXE-SR Tracer cartridge which, I believe is part of the problem. Also my preamp in my receiver could be better. Does anyone have an opinion ... Read More »

Phono Preamp

Thought I would start this on a new thread since there seems to be a drought in the number of threads here. My Thorens TD-125 died AGAIN! So I decided instead dumping more money into that heap I would sell it for parts, and use the proceeds to upgrade my stage from the Cambridge 640p to somethin ... Read More »

Jasmine MK III phono stage coming?

Read a comment on audiogon that a new version of the Jasmine may be coming. Anyone here heard this? I was close to buying an MKII but might wait if a newer version is on the way.Read More »

EAR 834P phono preamp

What do you folks think of the EAR 834P phono preamp? I have no way to audition one, as far as I know. I figure if I buy one, I'll buy it used. That has always been a good way to get a component in and back out for a minimal cost hit. This would go in with the Rega P5 and Audio Research CA50. T ... Read More »


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