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For any line level source such as a CD Player, D to A Converter, Phono Stage, etc.

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Clearview Double Helix Digital Interconnect with PLUS upgrade

[SIZE=6][/SIZE] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Digital Interconnects can ruin or transform the sound of any DAC. Our radically different cable design greatly reduces the main cause of digital harshness, jitter-standard hi-end digital cables increase jitter. At $43, our Ultrathins routinely outperform ... Read More »

Audio Art IC-3 Interconnect

Has anyone tried this cable? I found several reviews of it and they are all very good. People claim this cable is superior to anything currently on the market in the sub $200 price range. Even better than Kimble Kable Hero or AudioQuest King Cobra.Read More »

Interconnect Cables

I consider the labelled or banded end of an interconnect cable to be the source end. Is this the generally accepted norm? Some cables are just plain. But when you purchase cables with a band or label at one end, often this means something, but they rarely tell you what. Somewhere along the way I ... Read More »

which kimber kable interconnect?

I need to upgrade my analog outs from a new bluray to my old processor I already have a pair of pbj's so I am thinking of just staying with the same brand. is upgrading to the timbre or hero worth it over the pbj's? I have parasound electronics and paradigm studio 20's and a paradigm center ... Read More »

interconnect help

i am currently in the process of putting together a klipsch/denon audio system.i had purchased a mcintosh rca interconnect for multiplayer to receiver.i have given it plenty of burn-in time and tweaked the inputs to a very satisfiable reproduction(to my ear).my problem is i feel there is more i can ... Read More »


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