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The high frequency properties of Supra DAC are outstandingly good, owing to its high velocity factor. More clean transients and thus improved space dimension result from the high velocity factor.

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Tube Rolling the Grant Fidelity- DAC 11

Last Friday I received my first tubes in rolling the G.F. DAC-11. I ordered a couple of tubes from Upscale Audio, Matsu****a/National PC88/7DJ8. I just got around to changing the stock tube this morning and have only spun one disc, Jan Garbarek, Rites. So far the difference from the stock tube is g ... Read More »

New, mid-price Schiitt Bifrost DAC on the way

Fair well to el Cheapo DACs for now. I'm stepping up to a (lower) mid-price DAC, the Schiit Audio BIFROST DAC, (see [URL=""]HERE[/URL]). [IMG][/IMG] [IMG] ... Read More »

DAC for TV audio output?

I've been fascinated with what you digital guys are able to do, but I haven't taken the time to get a handle on it myself. Now, I've encountered a problem, more of an annoyance, that I'd like to figure out but I may need some advice. Since purchasing a new smart tv, we've only been able to listen ... Read More »

Grant Fidelity DAC-11 tube rolling

I am currently using a Grant Fidelity DAC-11/Preamp with a Class D Audio CDA 254 amp and my MMG speakers as my second system. Today I swapped tubes. I replaced the original NOS 6N11 tube with an early 1960's Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 tube made in Holland with the white lettering (non A Frame version). I ... Read More »

cambridge cd player external dac

I have a cambridge audio 640 cd player ([url=]Azur 640C the reviewers’ favourite CD player![/url]) and am not getting a signal from the right channel anymore. The optical output works fine but my myryad pre amp does not have optical inputs so t ... Read More »

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