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Nagys Audio XLR
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MSRP  140.00
Description:  Construction:<br> <ul> <LI>Extremely flexible design</LI> <LI>Silver plated high purity (multi-strand) copper inner conductors (2)</LI> <LI>Low density microporous PTFE (Teflon) dielectric</LI> <LI>Silver plated high purity copper round braid shield, to protect against EMI (electro-magnetic interference)</LI> <LI>FEP Wrap (Teflon) jacket</LI> </ul> Specifications:<br> <ul> <li>High frequency applications</LI> <li>Low attenuation</LI> <li>Shielding effectiveness (dB) >90</LI> <li>Frequency (GHz) DC-18</LI> <li>Impedance (ohms) 50</LI> </ul> Construction:<BR> <UL> <li>Manufactured in a state of the art, multi million dollar facility in United States, under strict ISO9001 and military MIL-1-45208 specifications</li> <li>Finished with a premium Techflex sleeve, for luxurious look and feel </li> <li>Techflex is extremely flexible, has high strength and resistance to abrasion</li> </ul> Neutrik Connector Specifications:<BR> <ul> <LI>The standard by which all high quality XLR's are judged</LI> <LI>Metal alloy body</LI> <LI>Silver plated conductors for ultra low resistivity and long term reliability</LI> <LI>Soldered using special eutectic 63/37 solder, specifically designed for precision electronics</LI> <LI>Made in Liechtenstein</LI> </ul>


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