Chord Cadenza Interconnect Cables

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Product Description

  • Interference reducing twisted pair configuration
  • Dual layer high frequency effective shielding
  • High quality silver-plated terminations
  • Vibration damping conductor surround
  • Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs

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What amp for Kef Cadenza?

Hi, I've recently got into wanting a decent sound and I need a little help. I currently have a nice pair of recently acquired 1974 Kef Cadenzas with new resonators, but I'm driving them with a very low-end newish Sony amp, so I don't think they're getting what they deserve. I'm using chunky Gale ... Read More »

Kef Cadenza rotted surrounds

Hi everyone. I recently got given a pair of old Kef Cadenza speakers (a downsight better than my aging Sony bookshelfs!) which are in perfect working order apart from the rubber surround on the passive driver bit. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could buy some new surrounds - since they are a ... Read More »


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