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HDMI/DVI-D HDCP handshake, help!

So I'm in the process of helping someone install an A/V setup, which includes a projector and a plasma screen. What he wants is to be able to output every source to both machines, but most AVR's do not have twin HDMI outputs. I've figured that I need to get an active HDMI splitter that will take the ... Read More »

Best cable for long run...DVI, VGA, HDMI?

I posted this in the Cables section, but I'm not having much luck there. I know most everybody comes here :) Assuming all other things are equal, which of these would be best to use for a long video run? DVI, HDMI, or VGA For now lets assume that the cost difference between them is not a fa ... Read More »

Need HDMI/DVI switching Receiver

Howdy folks! I haven't logged on in quite some time. I'm in need of a receiver (new or used) that will switch HDTV from my Dish Network box, as well as my computer (currently vga, but could be DVI) I currently have a Marantz SR-8000 with Paradigm Studio 80's and I like the sound, but with the n ... Read More »

Can I break those 4 pins off of my DVI cable?

Way back when, I ran a DVI-I cable to my projector and I'm just now getting around to using it (thanks an Xbox Elite and an HDMI-DVI cable!). The projector actually has a DVI-I connector (which uses the 4 little pins around the blade) but my preamp/switcher does not. It has the DVI without the 4 pin ... Read More »

DVI vs Component Cable

Which should i go with? I have Digital cable with the HD channels and i was wondering is their a big difference in quality with buying a DVI cable? Thank you and Have a good and safe Holiday.Read More »


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