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The Audioquest Colorado interconnects are without question some of the best cables I’ve heard. Neutrality, which is something every cable should strive for, is achieved to an amazing extent. They offer the blackest of backgrounds, and add absolutely no color to the sound. With their lightning-quick response, all of the instruments are firmly placed and held appropriately in the sound stage. The connectors are top-notch, and don’t delay the signal a bit.

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Greetings from Westminster, Colorado, USA

Good evening everyone, I'm Taylor I recently started getting back into home audio with the system i'm currently building. I'm a very big vintage audio enthusiast, and I am proud that I can finally put my mitsubishi SS-152 speakers to good use :). I recently aquired the Mitsubishi speakers from my fa ... Read More »

Way to go Washington and Colorado state

Last night voters in Washington and Colorado state voted to legalize marijuana. Adults over 21 can buy up to an ounce of marijuana from state-licensed retail stores. I am glad some poeple [and politicians] are coming to their senses regarding legalization of drug issue. best way to fight it is to ... Read More »

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