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Audioplan Super AF MK2 CRC
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Description: Combination of 8 Aeromer-insulated, signal direction optimized CRC litz wires out of silver-plated ultra-pure copper with a microphonic-damped dummy core. A double silver-plated shield with microphonic protection keeps out external electrical and mechanical influences. <P> <LI>Capacitance: 363 pF/m <LI>Inductance: 0,14 µH/m <LI>Loop resistance: 0,023 Ohm/m <LI>Exterior dim.: 13 mm <LI>Applications: High-level, preamp/power amp, digital connections and post active phono stage <LI>Assembly: Symmetrical and asymmetrical <LI>Connections: Standard connector: WBT Nextgen AG* Cinch or Neutrik XLR, MO91 or WBT Nextgen Cu* optional, others on request *Cu = solid copper, AG = solid silver <LI>Cable length: All practical lengths


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