Analysis Plus Super Sub Interconnect Cables

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The SUPER SUB is our premium in-wall (UL CL3 and CSA FT4) rated subwoofer cable. It can be fitted with our new non-locking RCA connector or XLR connector. You have been asking for a premium subwoofer cable in a balance design that can be run in-wall. We are pleased to tell you we have the cable that will bring your subwoofer to life.

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Home-Brew Super Sub Question

Okay, i have the Dayton Titanic MKIII (15"er) on order. I have the sealed box built. I have some pink insulation I have the speaker connections a/wire/solder. [B]First Question:[/B]Which direction should the speaker be facing for best sound/impact? Top? Bottom? Side? I am planning on front ... Read More »

Best smaller Sub under $300 (used ok) for use with NHT Super Ones

I almost got an Energy e:XL-S8 off ebay for around $130, but I lost (barely). There are no more up for sale at this time, so i'm considering other options (hopefully better subs). I've been considering the HSU Research STF-1, which is $315 including shipping direct from HSU. I know this sub is bette ... Read More »



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