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DH Labs understands that there are sound, established engineering principles that govern quality cable performance. The Phantom Select is the proof that the characteristics can be put to use at a price point that all audiophiles can appreciate.Phantom is a high quality audio interconnect cable that is perfect for home theater applications. Features include ofc copper conductors, foam PE dielectric, 95% braided shield, and a low capacitance of 25 pico-farads per foot. Easy to terminate and highly flexible. Like all DH cables, this product excels at image and soundstage reproduction.

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Phantom Center

In my quest for a new center channel speaker, a few people over at Audio Asylum suggested trying the Phantom Center. Over the weekend I had a chance to try it. I also rolled in the Audience 82s for fronts along with the 42s as rears. Even though I told my Integra no Center Speaker, the Audessy ... Read More »

Phantom of the Paradise in HD!

I've loved this movie since I was a kid. I watch it every time I see it in the TV listings. The last time I watched it, I recall thinking that the video is starting to look not so good. But I just saw a commercial for TV station Treasure HD that this movie is being shown in HD next Wednesday night! ... Read More »

Opinion Wanted - Yamaha CDC685 CD Player, RXV457 Amplifier, Paradigm Phantom Speakers

I am planning my first proper hifi system mainly for CD playback but also for internet radio. Does anyone have any experience / opinion with this equipment?Read More »

Paradigm Phantom/CC-270 settings

Just curious if anyone else has phantoms/cc-270 set at large or small?? Thanks.Read More »

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