ACI Air Matrix Interconnect Cables

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Fully shielded and low in capacitance, Air Matrix is ideal when long cable runs are required. Each cable is carefully terminated in custom machined RCA plugs, or with DH Labs' high performance OFC/gold XLR connectors. The Air Matrix represents the culmination of everything we have accomplished in cable design, while maintaining our goal of affordability in the often high priced world of audiophile cables.

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dh labs air matrix

hi, im new here! is it ok to get a Dh labs air matrix for my ic? my speakers Vienna acoustics bach, exposure 2010 cdp and integrated JJ Kt-88 for my amp.and a diy transfprmer volume control. my speaker cable are Dh labs Q10. cdp to tvc is Xlo reference 2, tvc to amp is Audioquest ruby hyperlitz whic ... Read More »

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