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Product Image
Emerson PD6950 CD Boombox
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Description: CD-R/RW Playback Compatible. Unique Notebook Computer Styling. Two, Ultra-Slim Speakers Mounted inside the Lid. Power Tube Super Woofer with Its own Power amplifier Mounted in Base. Top-Loading CD Player 19-Track Programmable Memory Forward/Reverse Skip Track and High-Speed Music Search AM/FM Stereo Radio Rotary Tuning Control Electronic Pushbutton Up/Down Volume Control. Pushbutton Controls for Band and Function Selection. Pushbutton Power Switch. Built-In AM Antenna. Telescoping FM Antenna Operates on 120v AC House Current or 6 C Batteries Not Included Detachable AC Cord UL Listed Dimensions 15 W x 4.6H x 12D (with Lid Closed).


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