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Product Image
Coby CX-CD239 Radio/CD Boombox
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Description: COBY CXCD239 Portable CD & AM/FM Stereo Coby CXCD239 Portable CD & AM/FM Stereo - Looking for a portable stereo with a little character? The Coby CXCD239 definitely fits the bill with it s angled dome-like shape. It sits on any flat surface with ease and is portable when you use 6 C-sized batteries (not included). It s unique design features a 45 degree tilted single CD player. The tilted design makes for easy access of the CD. It also features a built-in AM/FM radio for added entertainment. Programmable Track Memory 1 Bit D/A Converter Digital 2-Digit LED Display Skip / Search / Play / Pause / Repeat 1 / Repeat All Functions Wide Range Speaker System Telescopic FM Antenna 110/220 Dual Voltage Color - Black / Blue / Silver


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