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Product Image
Audiovox CE-304 Boombox
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Description: Audiovox offers a complete line of portable, personal, home and home theater stereo systems. All systems feature the Audiovox commitment to design, quality and technology at affordable prices. Audiovox Boomboxes come in a variety of styles that include fixed and/or removable speakers, battery and/or ac operation, and remote control capability. There is a system in the size you need whether it is for the backyard, the den or that college dorm. Audiovox systems combine function and fashion with performance and value.This Micro Portable Component System features top loading CD player, full function cassette player/recorder with auto stop, AM/FM stereo tuner, detachable 2-way speakers and remote control. The CD player is programmable, and includes repeat playback. The CE304R operates on batteries, or it can be powered by an AC adapter.


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