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Velodyne Acoustics DECO Satellite
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MSRP  130.00
Description: Each satellite uses a Ferro-fluid cooled, neodymium magnet, 1" silk dome tweeter (.95" Piston diameter) with an elliptical wave-guide for an open, natural sound and excellent soundstage. To achieve a rich, full mid-bass character and seamlessly integrate with the specially designed subwoofer, the satellites incorporate 4" long-throw, polypropylene-coated fiber cones, synthetic rubber surrounds, large 14.5 oz. magnet structures and die-cast aluminum baskets. <p /> Velodynes exclusive "Self-Powered Protection Circuit" protects each "Deco" satellite/center channel speakers from being damaged by power levels beyond their ratings and assures the consumer of superior performance and durability. <p />


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