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Product Image
Proscan PS61800HR
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  6499.00
Description: ProScan's top TV, the PS61000HR, is one of the first HDTVs (high-definition TVs) to incorporate a DirecTV high-definition satellite receiver as well as a terrestrial HD tuner.To watch DirecTV's high-def programming you'll also need to buy a special, elliptical dish.You'll also get dual-tuner picture-in-picture and three aspect ratio settings.The supplied remote control is preprogrammed for various brands of audio/video gear and also glows in the dark. Convergence of the CRTs is automatic, another rarity among rear-projection TVs. The internal audio system delivers 10 watts to each of the five speakers. One surprising omission is the lack of component video inputs.


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