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Product Image
Mitsubishi WD-62628 62 in. HDTV DLP TV
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MSRP  169.00
Description: Mitsubishi includes the latest in digital signal processing to get the most from this optical system. Dark Detailer™ provides deep blacks and enhanced dark scene detail. Mitsubishi also uses a high speed video processor called Plush1080p™ that upconverts 1080i signals to 1080p producing four times the resolution of traditional line doublers. DeepField™ imager uses new techniques to optimize brightness and contrast within every scene while SharpEdge™ delivers clean, focused edges between objects and scene backgrounds. The result is exquisite picture clarity from any source in every scene. Digital Cable Ready with CableCARD™ Slot Mitsubishi Exclusive 1080p DLP™ Light Engine SharpEdge™ (switchable) DeepField™ Imager (switchable) Dark Detailer™ Plush1080p™ PerfectColor™


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