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Product Image
Marantz PV 6070
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Description: - Digital comb filter provides accurate color demodulation.<br>- Digital Y/C/S processor further demodulates the chrominance information and outputs RGB signals to the optical section.<br>- Blue linearity (gamma correction) circuit.<br>- Factory calibrated for correct NTSC 6500 color temperature.<br>- Premium-grade curved-faceplate 7"" CRTs.<br>- Delta 79 high-quality hybrid lens assemblies.<br>- First surface reflection mirror eliminates refraction distortion and mirror-related optical artifacts.<br>- Fine-pitch high-resolution lenticular screen and linear (vertical) black stripe outer lens provide improved contrast and consistent picture quality over a wider angle, even in daytime viewing environments.<br>- MTS stereo decoder with dbx noise reduction, for superb stereo audio through the internal audio system or via external audio output jacks.<br>- 2-tuner picture-in-picture.<br>- TV Guide PLUS on-screen programming guide that automatically displays current program listings.<br>- Full complement of composite and S-video inputs.<br>- Back-lit universal remote, with Remote Locator function that beeps to indicate its location when the TV is turned on.<br>- RD-5 pass-through provides RC-5 output codes to the RC-5 jacks of Marantz A/V components <br>- Smart Clock.<br>- Smart Sound automatic volume leveling function.<br>- Stereo Expander for increased stereo spread from the TVs internal speakers.<br>- Center channel input allows use of the PV-6070 and PV-5470s internal speakers as the center channel speaker in a Dolby surround system.


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