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Product Image
Marantz PV 5571
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Description: - True color accuracy-factory calibrated to the NTSC standard 6500 K color temperature for the most realistic and natural image quality, for accurate reproduction of video sources.<br>- Premium 7-inch curved-faceplate CRT's and computer-aligned hybrid lens assemblies for sharply focused projection beams even during very bright scenes.<br>- First Surface reflection mirror places the reflective surface on the outside of the mirror rather than behind the glass, eliminating the refraction distortion caused by conventional mirrors.<br>- Component video inputs for best picture quality when using program sources such as DVD.<br>- Digital comb filter with digital Y/C processing eliminates NTSC-encoding artifacts such as ""dot crawl"" and moire, for clear, sharp images.<br>- Multi-zone user convergence--every Marantz set is factory-converged by computer at 35 points across the screen for super-sharp picture quality, and features 15-point user adjustable convergence via remote, for at-home fine tuning should it ever be required.<br>- Easy on-screen set-up menu makes set up and adjustments simple.<br>- Dual Tuner Picture-In-Picture--both sets contain two MTS stereo PIP tuners that allow for a second picture-in-picture without relying on an external tuner such as a VCR.<br>- TV Guide PLUS Gold enhanced on-screen programming guide displays up-to-the-minute listings at the touch of a button and provides easy channel navigation. TV Guide PLUS Gold will also automatically activate a VCR to record any program at any time.<br>- High-quality built-in stereo sound includes Stereo Expander circuitry that widens the apparent stereo soundstage, enhancing the performance of movie and TV soundtracks.<br>- Extensive complement of audio and video inputs and outputs including two component video inputs, four S-video and four composite video inputs for complete home theater flexibility.<br>- Illuminated universal remote for easy use in darkened home theaters. The remote contains thousands of built-in commands for popular brands of VCRs and cable boxes.<br>- A wealth of additional performance and convenience features including Smart Sound automatic volume leveling function, Smart Clock automatic time setting, and center channel input.


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