Monster Cable Studio iPhone Headphones

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Product Description

  • Proprietary drivers for maximum HD range, clarity & power
  • Powered amplification and noise cancellation
  • Lightweight with plush, comfortable ear cushions
  • ControlTalk lets you control iPod & iPhone

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Studio Lab series. Bone crushers

These sound best reflected off the barn across the field 500 yards out. Not so much in a closed space as they tend to blur vision. The old ton a lead technics makes them very happy. Not much found out about them but they do ripRead More »

Polk Lsi M707 or Paradigm Studio 100

Hi, I currently own a Polk Audio Rti A9 which is powered by a Denon 2810 and a power amp NAD 275 BEE. I am looking for an upgrade and the option that I have is an LSi M 707 as front speakers and LSi M706 C as Centre Speakers from Polk or a Paradigm Studio 100 and Paradigm Studio CC 690 as centre. B ... Read More »

IQ Studio Albums

Of the 10 studio releases from IQ over the past 30 years, I own the most recent 5 and have never heard the first 5. I do not own any of the compilations or live albums. Of those most recent 5 studio albums, I was always of the belief that THE SEVENTH HOUSE was the best effort.............and al ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio 100 vs Salk SongTower RT?

Well after auditioning many different speakers i have narrowed it down to Paradigm Studio 100s v5 and Song Tower RT. I picked Song Towers because of all the reviews and things i have read online. Only problem is i can not audition them any were in my area. So i come to you guys to help me out. These ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio 100s Pricing ?

Looking into getting a pair of Studio 100's. I have only 1 Paradigm dealer in a 100mile radius of me. I went there and demoed them this past week. Also demoed a few b&w and KEF. I def want to pick up a pair of the 100s after hearing them. Only problem is the price tag. They have them set at $3500 wh ... Read More »



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