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Home system for TV, IMAC, and IPAD

Hello all. I wanted to make an investment for my studio apartment, and thought that I would come here for your advice. Is there any sound system out there for less or around $1,000 that can provide audio for my HD TV, IMAC, and IPAD (IMAC & IPAD wirelessly/bluetooth)? I don't mind wires from the ... Read More »

Lying Salesman Nexus 7/Ipad Mini

I was at Best Buy the other night taking a look at 7" tablets and the Ipad Mini, comparing the size as I am going to buy a Nexus 7 or the Ipad Mini. I was looking at the Samsung 7" Galaxy tab when a salesman came over and asked if he could help me. I said yes but what I did not realize was that he ... Read More »

Killer HT Upgrade: the Directv iPad App

I recently sold my old car, and used that mini cash windfall to buy an iPad. Since we already use iOS apps at home, this was a nice addition to our existing devices. Yeah, my audio enthusiast credentials have been taken down a notch -- I basically had a short stack of Benjamins in my pocket and ne ... Read More »

ipad as a universal remote

Anyone had any luck with an app that allows an ipad to be used as a universal remote? Trying to justify buying an ipad and since my current Rotel universal remote is on the way out, the thought of dropping $200 fro a Harmony is almost half the price of an ipod. I know there are some pricey optio ... Read More »

for SALE :Apple ipad:$220

[B]ALAPOMEJI LIMITED:Registered Under Malaysia Govt, is one of the Nation’s largest electronic distributor and is generally regarded as offering the best deals contract on the web. We offer great variety of newly-released, branded electronic products ranging from laptops, mobile phones, plasma / lcd ... Read More »

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