VPI Scoutmaster TurnTables

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Product Description

  • 1/4" thick acrylic platter
  • 1/4" thick MDF/Steel center chassis

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VPI - Scoutmaster 2 & JMW-9T Standard VS. VPI - Scout 2 & JMW-9 Signature

Does anyone have any opinions on which of these players would be better? As some of you are aware, my goal by this Christmas is to go with a dedicated 2-channel system that includes analogue setup. I have narrowed the choice down between these two, but it looks like the differences between these t ... Read More »

VPI Scoutmaster or Music Hall MMF 9.1?

They both look impressive to me - of course I have no experience whatsoever with Turntables or Vinyl but some money fell into my lap and I have always wanted one. Also if you had the choice between phono stages Jolida JD9 or the Cambridge Azure 640p - which would it be? I value your advice as I ... Read More »


MS 1400W:

CSB 1206 BLK: