VPI Scout TurnTables

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The SCOUT has become the worlds best-reviewed turntable! The SCOUT is the lowest priced turntable in STEREOPHILE'S Class "B" and has attained high performance records worldwide. For improved stability and damping, the Scout's chassis is made from 1 1/8" thick MDF bonded to a 12 gauge steel plate. The massive platter is composed of 1 3/8" acrylic and is mounted to an inverted bearing of Teflon and brass on a 60 Rockwell case hardened shaft. The 600 RPM AC synchronous motor is contained in a separate steel housing and drives the platter with smooth, quiet operation.

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VPI - Scoutmaster 2 & JMW-9T Standard VS. VPI - Scout 2 & JMW-9 Signature

Does anyone have any opinions on which of these players would be better? As some of you are aware, my goal by this Christmas is to go with a dedicated 2-channel system that includes analogue setup. I have narrowed the choice down between these two, but it looks like the differences between these t ... Read More »

VPI Scout

Hi, I just recently purchased a VPI Scout turntable, I was really excited when I made my set-up to this new gear of mine, only to find out & experience a hum and static sound. Hum & static was really over the music passages I am playing. Can anybody help me on how to eliminate the hum & static ... Read More »


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