Pro-Ject Perspective TurnTables

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The Perspective is constructed using a visually stunning, clear acrylic plinth. Floating above the plinth is a sophisticated and complex sub-chassis system suspended by three height adjustable springs. Additional features include: an aluminum alloy platter with a vinyl mat, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet, and a silicone damping trough to eliminate unwanted resonance from the sub-chassis. Precision Swiss bearings in the tonearm help provide this turntable system with superior cartridge control. There are female, chassis mount RCA connectors on the rear panel to allow for the use of any single ended interconnect cables.

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Joseph Audio Perspective on Cover of Stereophile

Nice to see Joseph Audio getting some press. A few weeks ago, I changed my speakers from the Aerial 7t to the Joseph Audio Pulsars on the custom Sound Anchors stands. I was dumbfounded at the performance of the speaker. The clarity and presence in the midrange was exemplary and, in this regard, they ... Read More »

What is your preferred acoustical perspective?

As a spring off of my audiophile thread, I had another point I wanted to ask about concerning the two channel and multi-channel preference. Ralph and I had an exchange a while back, and he stated that he loved his two channel rig because it was able to float images precisely in space, and it mad ... Read More »

A perspective

As many readers may know, the numbers of Americans killed by terrorists and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are minuscule compared to the numbers killed in motor vehicles. The extent of the difference, however, may not be common knowledge. About 3,00 persons died as a result of the 9/11 attacks and ... Read More »

Matter of Perspective

I find it interesting that there is extensive discussion of the New York High End show over at AA, but not a single mention of it that I have found here at AR. For better or worse, over here it's the Best Buy crowd - over there they have actually listened to one or more high end systems.Read More »

New Perspective

I am new to this site but have spent time reading some of the previous threads. I am amused that rather intelligent people can engage in such heated disscussions trying to disclaim one view over another when the topic (cables) is not that difficult to begin with. Unless you have a completly wireless ... Read More »


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