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Product Image
Memorex MX212 Turntable
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  63.00
Description: Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy once again the soundtrack to your youth. Memorex Three-Speed Turntable lets you dust off your vinyl record collection and hear the songs just the way you remember them. Plays 33-1/3, 45s and 78-speed records. Everything from golden oldies to spoken word classics simply sound better when played on the real thing. Tune in your favorites on the built-in radio, or catch the news, weather and sports. Handsome simulated woodgrain cabinet coordinates with your current home stereo system, or give it a place of honor on its own shelf or desktop. Belt-drive turntable, built-in stereo speakers and rotary volume and tuning dials (remember dials?). Convenient line-out jacks let you easily hook the turntable to your existing music system or amplifier.


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