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Multiple IDs under IP

Hey John, I checked out a post by new user MaryMSnowdon that was spam. I found five IDs under the same IP address. All the IDs were a woman's first name, middle initial, and last name. A couple of the IDs had posted but not all of them. I've banned them all and deleted the spam posts. I'm letting ... Read More »

Akai AP- 207 Turntable

Hey All: I need some Help!!! Found this table here in town, but don't know a thing about it. The owner says its a great table,but I'd say that to if I was selling it. I've found good reviews online,and some pictures of it,and its a nice looking unit. The owner said he replaced the cartridge back ... Read More »

Kef 207 V.s Klipshorn

help me out here. i have done my research for like a week now. was unable to find a good forum apart from Klipsch official forum. Now i have a room of 27 (length) X 15 width and i want to buy two front speaker for my home theater. now ruling out all the other speakers . now i am left with 3 so i pos ... Read More »


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