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Crosley Classic (CR43) Turntable
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Description: This 1930’s classic is traditionally styled and simplistic in appearance. It combines clean, honest lines with a hint of sophistication. Handcrafted from hardwoods and veneers, the Classic Turntable is pure, quality craftsmanship at it finest. It features a seven-step furniture-style finishing process that brings it glistening to life with a high gloss shine. Whether your choice is a 33 1/3, a 45 or a 78, all three speeds are beautifully accommodated on this Classic Turntable. Listening to your vinyls has never been this much fun, from the first to the thousandth time you pick up that arm and gently lay the needle in the groove. When the music begins to crackle and hum, you’ll be reminded of how impressive turntable sound can be.


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