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Product Image
Crosley CR-711
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  80.00
Description: Bet you didnt know that Powel Crosley was the first to build a production model sports car in the US. Yes, hes not only the genius who brought us mass produced radios, appliances, and of course WLW - The Nations Station, but he also became famous for his Crosley automobiles. The Autorama represents a vintage icon mimicking the clean, streamlined stylings of a classic 1950s automobile. From the sleek illuminated center dial, to the chrome grill side mounted speakers, this beauty takes you back to the days of drive ins and diners. Crosleys fascination with automobiles is evident right down to the last exacting detail. The Autorama features an AM/FM Radio, a 3-speed turntable and enough sophistication to render most enthusiasts speechless. <ul> <li>AM/FM radio</li> <li>Dynamic full range of stereo speakers</li> <li>Illuminated dial</li> <li>Electronically assisted dial tuner</li> </ul>


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