ClearAudio Ambient TurnTables

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  • Aluminium sandwiched bulletproof plywood
  • Speed change: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm
  • Motor drive: Separately housed synchronous motor
  • Main bearing: Polished and hardened steel
  • Platter material: GS-PMMA / acrylic

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Slave Ambient

[IMG][/IMG] The War on Drugs - Slave Ambient Been listening a lot to this one and thought it deserved special mention. The only mention of it I see on the boards is jonnyhambones' [URL=" ... Read More »

Plasma or LCD..some ambient light BUT also some off angle viewing

I know this is a hotly debated topic so I'll try to keep it simple. My future TV will be in a fairly open family room which has two windows and a sliding door. So the room does get light, although there is no direct sunlight since the room is on the north side of the house. I also have full c ... Read More »

"Ambient Noise" Distractions in a Home Theater.....

I know this is probably supposed to be directed in the Home Theater forum, but I fear a proverbial can of flaming wars will be opened, so I'll address the issue here...... It seems whenever I sit down to watch a DVD, and even if my receiver (dont get me wrong --- we're talking about 80 watts x 6, ... Read More »

Paging BillB & Ambient fish, What speakers...

amp, preamp are you using with with the Arcam CD73? Thank you, MichaelRead More »


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