Grado Sonata & Platinum - Statement Series Cartridges

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Moving coil cartridges from Grado's top Statement Series

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A few Ramblings about Grado Sonata!

...Just thought you would be interested in this guys ideas JM if you have not seen it...nothing much, but it does talk about your cart. I'm always interested in fresh conversations about my gear, thought you might be as well. [url=]Vinyl Asyl ... Read More »

Grado Sonata 1 Low Output

I have enjoyed the Grado sound in the past and I am thinking abot the Grado Sonata. I was wondering if anyone had heard this cartridge or had any real experience with one. I currently own two moving coil cartridges from Benz and AT along with an Ortofon OM20 and a Grado Red. I like the Grado Red ... Read More »

Grado Sonata Platinum Reference Series.

Dear Ericl [url][/url] AR's description says, "Description:Moving coil cartridges from the Grado Reference Series (The Sonata is also known as the Signature.)" Grado doesnt make MC cartridges. Sorry, you are proba ... Read More »



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