Grado Reference & Master -Reference Series Cartridges

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Moving coil cartridges from Grado's Reference Series

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Major changes coming to my reference theater

Over the last several months I have been working with my speaker designer to figure out how to simplify my system and reduce the power consumption of the room. So after many months of looking and listening to some of his custom designs we decided to go another route. I asked him about getting the ... Read More »

New Emotiva Reference amps

Check out the new Emotiva reference series amps. They need a dedicated 20 amp line and only come with a 20amp power plug. [URL=""]Reference Series | Emotiva Audio | High-end audio components for audiophiles and videophiles, spanning 2-channel mus ... Read More »

anybody have Klipsch Reference Series?

i'm looking at buying this set used. This includes an RC-3 shielded center channel and two RS-3 Surrounds with wall mounts. does anybody own theses or have any thing good or bad to say about them here are the speakers that i'm talking about.[url= ... Read More »

help:Dynaudio Audience 60 vs kef reference model one‏

i'm looking to buy on of theses sets used. i have read all the reviews and they seem equal. i'm looking for a great sounding speaker that has bright highs and good amount of bass. i'll be running these through a denon 2809. i want to buy asap so any feed back would be great/ thanksRead More »

Tron: Legacy - THAT'S Reference Quality ($5 off coupon until Apr 10)

As implied in the title, I think I've found a new reference Blu-ray title. As a movie, [I]Tron: Legacy [/I]got mixed reviews, and while I generally liked the movie, it did leave a lot to be desired. But, there's no disputing [I]Tron: Legacy[/I]'s technical chops. The visual quality of this movie ... Read More »


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