Goldring 2500 Cartridges

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Product Description

  • Channel Balance: 2dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel Separation: >20dB @ 1kHz
  • Static Compliance: 20x
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 24°
  • Stylus Radius: 2 SD

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Can anyone suggest a better setup for around 2500

I have a room 25 long and 20 wide. Here is what I put together in the last week of research. Please give me your input good or bad. I only have room for bookshelfs and about a $2500 budget which Iam over by a bit now Thanks Mike Yamaha RX-A1020 Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer Definitive Technology Myth ... Read More »

How to spend my $2500, anyone?

Hi, I recently posted a question for a friend. Thanx to all that responded. Since I now have more information, I’m revising the question to include and to simplify and hopefully get the information my friend needs. Ok first of all, my friend is completely blind; so obviously sound quality is very ... Read More »

Sansui SP-2500, Should I replace drivers?

I purchased these speakers in 1970 and still use them today. Although they sound pretty good, would they sound even better with current, state of the art drivers? People I have spoken with say as long as they work, don't mess with them. However, they must be 30 year old paper cones, how good can the ... Read More »

A $2500 system - what do you think?

So I've been all over the place, and gotten lots of advice on this and other boards. and here is where I am leaning right now: (1) Audio Note AZ - 2 speaker -- $1,100 (2) Jolida JD 102B - $550 regular or $750 for the factory upgrade (3) Music Hall 25.2 cd player -- $550. I want something p ... Read More »

Great Find mcintosh 2500 ?

whats up guys i picked a Mcintosh MC2500 amp out of the TRASH last week Any info you guys have on this unit I will so be gratefull I knew of the Mcintosh Brand but when i tried to pick up the amp i need help from the guy riding with me i could only guess what else was in the trash the tras ... Read More »

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