Goldring 2100 Cartridges

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Product Description

  • Channel Separation: >20dB @ 1kHz
  • Stylus Radius: Elliptical .0007"x.0003"
  • Load Resistance: 47,000 Ohm
  • Internal Inductance: 550 mH
  • Internal Resistance: 550 Ohm

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Vincent SP331 with a Parasound 2100

Hello all, My Vincent-SP331 is on it's way, and I plan to set it up with Parasound 2100 preamp and Jamo C807 speakers. Jamo C807 sound fantastic with my Anthem MCA2, but I'm setting the Anthem up with another pair of speakers in another room. I'm not sure how a hybrid tube/sst amp will play along ... Read More »

NAD 2100 vs. 2200 vs. 2400THX

urrently, I have a NAD 2100 amp in my listening "man cave" I have the opportunity to pick up either a NAD 2200 or a 2400THX. The specs on the 2200 and 2400 are identical in the owner's manuals. Would I notice a drastic change if I were to pick one of these other amps up as compared to the 2100 ... Read More »

NAD 2100 & NAD 1600: help!!!

I just got (for free) a NAD 2100 amp and 1600 tuner from my brother. There is an ocasional loud squelch when adjusting settings on either peice. He did warn me about this. I did not receive any documentation for either piece of equipment. I just spent 2 hours searching various forums for causes to n ... Read More »

Paradigm PW-2100

Manufacturer Name: Paradigm Manufacturer's Website Address: [url][/url] Category: Subwoofer Product Name or Model Number: PW-2100 There are images on the link i posted.Read More »

Hsu VTF-2 or Paradigm Pw-2100 Sub

My brother is looking to pick up a sub for Christmas and has asked my opinion. He has narrowed it down to the HSU VTF-2 or the Paradigm Pw-2100. Does anybody have experience with both of these subwoofers? Since there is no where to audition the HSU and there is the extra cost to ship it to Canada ... Read More »


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