ClearAudio Accurate Cartridges

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Product Description

  • Output Voltage: .6 mV
  • Stylus Shape: 5 X 40 µm
  • Internal Ohms: 50
  • Loading Range: >500
  • Weight: 12
  • Compliance: 15
  • Tracking: 2.2-3.0

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    New System with Accurate Sound Reproduction

    I'm rebuilding my speaker system. I like the sound of the old DCM Timeframe/TimeWindow speakers. I've been using surround sound since the 80s. Purchased the original DSP1 from Yamaha and used the Aureal sound card on my computer before the not-so creative company drove them out-of-business. Both wer ... Read More »

    Accurate Archer

    [url][/url] This guy has insane skills at Archery, very impressive.Read More »

    Philosophical question: Do I want speakers that are aggressive, accurate, or laid ba

    Maybe a philosophical audio question for discussion… I’m looking to build a system up from scratch. I’ve pretty much got nothing now. This will be for 95% music plus the occasional movie. I’ve started with speaker shopping. So far I’ve heard speakers from Sonus Faber, Linn, Paradigm, Klipsch, ... Read More »

    How accurate is YPAO?

    Being a biased owner of the RX-V1400, I personally feel the job YPAO does on calibrating my system is alot more effective than S&V's disc and my SPL meter ever were, but I understand that this could very well be because I want to believe YPAO does a good job. I've hauled the ol' meter out and every ... Read More »

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