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Sphinx Project Eighteen Amplifier
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Description: - Two completely separate amplifiers in a single housing.<br>- Amplifiers effectively work in Class A.<br>- Very wide power bandwidth of 300,000 Hz (after input filter).<br>- Peak power of 36 Volts and 43 A for unlimited headroom.<br>- Extremely low noise level (<-120 dBVolts).<br>- Balanced inputs with gold-plated XLRs and unbalanced inputs with gold-plated WBT cinch.<br>- Two pairs of gold-plated WBT 5-way binding posts enable Bi-Wiring.<br>- Internal wiring of Siltech silver cable.<br>- Multiple protection circuits.<br>- Sphinx Standby mode for instant maximum audio quality.<br>- In Standby inputs and outputs are decoupled: removing cables is possible without any danger.<br>- Sphinx Remote Control (optical).<br>


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