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Product Image
Russound CAS44L 4-source, 4-room Audio System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  2000.00
Description: <LI>distributes music from up to four sources to as many as four listening areas in your home <LI>system includes: <BR> o one CAS44 controller/amplifier <BR> o four CAS44 KPL keypads <BR> o one CAS44 universal remote <LI>recommended accessories for installation: Decora-style wall plates, in-wall speaker wire and CAT-5 cable <LI>expandable with additional components and keypads <LI>CAS44 controller/amplifier <LI>4 RCA stereo inputs for connecting source components <LI>4 pairs of speaker binding posts <LI>20 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms <LI>4 RJ-45 ports connect to in-wall keypads using CAT-5 cable <LI>RS-232 port for integrating a third-party home automation system <LI>2 IR outputs (2 dual infrared emitters included) <LI>mute trigger allows you to connect an external paging system or doorbell <LI>universal learning remote operates connected audio components through IR sensor on system keypads <LI>16-15/16"W x 3-15/16"H x 12-15/16"D <LI>warranty: 2 years


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