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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation SI-1230
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1169.00
Description: Niles®' SI-1230 Systems Integration Amplifier® delivers exceptional sound quality and reliability, and is designed to integrate many different components into a cohesive system. This amp offers unique features (such as a bridgeable configuration, three turn-on modes, and independent level controls for each channel) that solve some of the more common multi-room installation problems and make exciting new opportunities possible. <p /> The SI-1230's power output is enormous — even when driven simultaneously, all 12 channels deliver 30 watts RMS into 8-ohms — a total of 360 watts! Bridging adjacent channels enables the amp to produce 80 watts into 8-ohms for each bridged pair (480 watts total!). When the SI-1230 is used in a multi-zone system, only the amp module powering the zone in use turns on, saving power and reducing noise. <p /> If you are installing a multi-room/multi-zone system and you require power, reliability, flexibility and ultra-high performance, this amp is for you.


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