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Manley Laboratories 500 Watt Monoblock
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Description: - All-Tube monoblock design.<br>- High current double 6414 driver stage.<br>- 12AT7WA input tube.<br>- Balanced & Unbalanced inputs.<br>- Triode / Tetrode switching.<br>- Soft-start/ Ever-Warm standby mode.<br>- Manley Precision dual-coil output transformer.<br>- Factory set for 5 ohms nominal.<br>- Front panel bias measurement and adjust.<br>- Large filter / reservoir capacitors.<br>- Milled aluminum cabinetry provides rigid mounting.<br>- Flat frequency response: 10 Hz - 30 KHz continuous.<br>- Power Consumption: 30 Watts in ""EVER-WARM.""<br>- Manley 500 Watt model.<br>- 10 x KT90 or 6550C output tubes.


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