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Hegel H4 Reference Power Amplifier
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Description: The HEGEL H4 Amplifier is the corner stone of the HEGEL Total Fidelity System. Unmistakably HEGEL, with the characteristic arched front panel, and uniquely user friendly with its single front push button. A discrete blue control light indicates that the amplifier is on.<br><br>Behind it's confident panel, the H4 has extreme power reserves and is capable of powering all available speakers. H4 can deliver a consistent signal of more than 200A. It is not only designed to drive large and complex speakers, - it is also detailed and precise enough to be used with small and medium speakers.<br><br>A dual-mono construction, using exclusive technology in the amplification design. H4 can be connected to both balanced and unbalanced input sources, and can be used with connectors of both kinds. The speaker ports has double WBT-terminals for both channels.


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