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Product Image
Antique Sound Lab MG SPSV5 Miniature Stereo Amplifier
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Description: - Frequency responsible at 1 W: 25Hz - 30KHz.<br>- Frequency responsible at full power: 50Hz - 25KHz.<br>- Input impedance:100K.<br>- Input sensitive: 500mV.<br>- Power request: 45W.<br>- Fuse: 1A Slow blow.<br>- Input Sockets: RCA gold plate.<br>- Output Terminal: 5-way heavy duty gold plate.<br>- Chassis finish: Iron with powder paint.<br>- Front panel finish: Aluminum, gold, silver, or black anodizing.<br>- Tube Complement: 6BQ5 x 2,12AX7 x 1.


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