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Product Image
Yamaha RS500
0 Reviews
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MSRP  349.95
Description: Prodigious sound for the two-channel aficionado. Yamahas advanced technologies like ToP-ART construction and Pure Direct make the most of all 150 watts of power. Add the build-in iPod dock and SIRIUS- and Bluetooth-ready connections, and youre set for the most serious of audio sessions. stereo receiver 75 watts x 2,6 audio inputs (including phono),dual-zone. Product Features: Number of Channels: 2 Channels; Type: Receiver; Special Features: iPod Ready; Tuner Presets: 40 Channels; Speaker Impedance: 16 Ohm, 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm; Remote Control Type: Standard; Depth: 15.25 in.; Height: 6 in.; Width: 17.13 in.; Weight: 22.5 lb.; Power Consumption: 75 Watt


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