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Marantz SR4023 Stereo
0 Reviews
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MSRP  499.99
Description: Marantz presents a versatile stereo receiver ready for custom home installations: the SR4023. Connect a variety of audio sources using the SR4023s phono input and seven analog audio inputs and fuel them all with 80W x 2 channels of power output. Look to RS-232c and IR flasher input for seamless integration into whole-home, controlled A/V systems. Finally, for connection to audio/video sources like DVD players or VHS machines, the SR4023 offers four composite-video inputs and two outputs. Stereo Receiver 80 watts x 2,Source Direct mode for cleaner sound Your first glance at the SR4023 stereo receiver reveals a sophisticated three dimensional front panel design first seen on our Reference Series components. And that??? s not just for looks either. Instead, the combination aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced resin panel shields internal circuitry as it absorbs unwanted resonances that might influence sound quality. The next thing you??? ll notice is the simple, non-intimidating design ??? this is the ideal receiver for a smaller one-room music system. Or for a sub-zone in a whole-house audio distribution system. The large EI core transformer and oversized capacitor bank comprises a rock-solid foundation that feeds all the internal circuitry. The fully-discrete amplifier develops 80 continuous watts per channel so you won??? t lack for power even when your system is really wailing. But if you??? re hungry for more, the SR4023??? s preamp out/main amp in jacks allow easy connection of a brute-force power amplifier.


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