Xindak CA Preamplifiers

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  • Frequency Response: 10Hz—80KHz (±1.5dB)
  • THD: =0.02%
  • S/N Ratio: =110dB
  • Number of Channels: 2

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Anyone have the track listing for maf's Best of the 80s comp? (ca. 2002?)

It's been getting a lot of play here lately because I only have a cassette player in the car (which is itself a product of the 80s, so it feels especially appropriate). It was pretty much glued in the tape deck this week when I realized that it had that seasonal favorite "Fairytale of New York" on ... Read More »

Is it vaporware or is it here? CA Azur 650BD

Just wondering if it's available and what people thought of it. I have a Oppo BDP-83 on its way back to the manufacturer, so I still have the option to switch. Here's CA's write-up of it: [url][/url] There a bit of buz online ab ... Read More »

Peak power and my new CA speaker system

I always wondered about this but what does total system peak power mean? Like example my new Cyber Acoustics CA-3554 speaker system says 32 watts total RMS and 68 watts total system peak power. Does this mean that my speakers are technicaly has 68 watts of power? Or are they still 32 watts? I heard ... Read More »

New CA products

I was just browsing the Cambridge Audio web site and saw that they now have a new amp and pre amp combo called the 840W and 840E. The amp is based on the XD tech from the 840A integrated. Its 200wpc 8ohm, 300wpc 4ohm and 500wpc mono. I havent seen the price but I read that they are reasonably pri ... Read More »

amp choice.... (nad, ca, audiolab, anything eles??)

Hi , I'm about to purchase a hi-fi system and i need your help... the system will fit in my place in a 20 sq meters room. I'm listening mostly to jazz but also classic, rock and electronic music. I love warm sound but very detailed and balanced one - present high ends and round and tasty botto ... Read More »

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