Pass Labs X0 Preamplifiers

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Product Description

The X0 is a line stage preamplifier system housed in three separate chassis, with two chassis devoted to analog gain stages and one for power supply and digital control circuitry. The control chassis offers both remote and manual control of the select and gain settings of the analog circuits and features a vacuum fluorescent display. Digital and analog power supplies are completely independent and the circuitry is shielded from digital and radio frequency noise.

""Supersymmetry"" circuit topology is featured in the X0. Each channel uses completely balanced circuitry through the entire signal path. There are five balanced/single-ended inputs and one balanced/single-ended tape monitor input. There are both balanced and single-ended connections for tape and main outputs.

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Question about Tannoy X0 5000 Model

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MS 1400W:

CSB 1206 BLK: