Musical Fidelity 3a Preamplifiers

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  • Phono MC: 80µV
  • Phono MM: 2mV
  • Line inputs & Sensitivity: 150mV Tape, CD, Tuner, Aux

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Reference 3A

Of course, for those of us in the know, not much needs to be said about Reference 3A. I have available to me, for $60.00, a vintage pair. They have no model number however I have some info on them. They are 26 lbs each, 25" * 12.5" * 10.5", 50 watt RMS continuous, 30 - 35Khz. They were manufac ... Read More »

Reference 3a La Suprema opinion needed

Hi, I have a pair of Reference 3a La Suprema that are in excellant condition but have not been used for many years. I am putting together a new system and not sure if I should spend the money on new speakers as well. Can anyone give their opinion on these old speakers vs new speakers say in the 50 ... Read More »

Reference 3a speakers value??

Hi everyone, I've got 2 pair of Reference 3a speakers from my father since 1995, however, I'm gonna to moving overseas, I can't keep both of them anymore, and I would trying to sell both of them. But I don't know any specification and the value of them. Is there anyone can help? What model ... Read More »

Help with my Nakamichi TA-3A

Hello... I have a Nakamichi Receiver that has been a pride and joy for (wow) almost 20 years now. Granted, it's needed repairs more than once, but it's well worth it. So my latest problem is the tone control button seems to be broken such that it causes the volume in the whole system to fade in ... Read More »

Could I use this Yamaha A-1020 Int. Amp to power some AR-3a speakers?

Hi! I'm looking to get an amp to power some vintage Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers in a second zone (another room from my receiver). My receiver has multi-room capability. This is the amp I'm looking at: [URL=""]http://www.oaktreeent. ... Read More »

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