Monolithic PS2 Preamplifiers

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Product Description

  • Capacitance: 100pf, 270pf, 370pf
  • Gain: 42db, 48db, 54db, 60db
  • Power Supply: 16V AC

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PS2 cable upgrade

Hey all. I want to upgrade my AV cable to a component capable one. Should I buy the Sony cable or look to third party like Rocketfish? Anyone done this, how are the results? Recomendations?Read More »

Is the PS2 hurting PS3?

Well, its just out, the NPD #'s for September. It was a bloodbath for Sony, on 2 fronts. First and foremost, was the explosive growth and sales of the XBOX 360. With a little game called HALO3, console sales topped 527,800 units. The Wii was at 501,000 units. Game sales were an astronomical ... Read More »

PS2 to computer LCD screen

fellow members, I hardly ever look at this video section so perhaps this question has already been asked. I am wondering if there is any way to connect a playstation 2 to a TFT computer screen (LCD). Is such a thing possible? The screen has DVI and VGA video inputs.Read More »

XBox/PS2 owners...official countdown to: The Godfather - ooohhh yeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

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Do Samsung DLP's work well with Xbox & PS2?

I heard that there is a lag time with gaming on DLP's. Is that true? Am I better off with a LCD t.v. when it comes to gaming? What are my options for a dedicated t.v. for gaming? thanks, bigkro :confused:Read More »



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