Kora Crescendo Preamplifiers

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The crescendo preamplifier is an single stage, fully balanced, Tube Preamplifier, using one 12BH7 double triode per channel. It benefits of exclusive designs from Kora‘s technology named CSC and XTL, providing an extremly low distorsion rate as well as a low output impedance. As the volume potentiometer is the first component the signal is confronted to, this make the tube stage saturation free, whatever the input level is.

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Infinity Crescendo CS 3008 speaker question

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all. Mine started off great, as I just had a pair of Infinity Crescendo CS3008's basically dumped into my lap. The gentleman told me that he no longer needed or wanted them. His ex-wife tried to seal the 10 inch woofers with silicone...what a mess. ... Read More »

Infinity Crescendo 3009 Speakers

Top of the Crescendo family of speakers by Infinity. Sold by circuit City in the mid 90's before Infinity was bought out by Harmon International. Sold for 1,300 each in 1995. Equal in sound quality to Kappa 8 ( they share the same drivers).Read More »

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