Kenwood Basic C1 Preamplifiers

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Kenwood Basic C1 or C-1 Preamplifier

made made 1982 - 1984

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Kenwood Basic M1 and Basic C1 Preamplifier

I just picked up today in mint condition Kenwood Basic M1 Amplifier and Kenwood Basic C1 Preamplifier Does anyone know what is the 2 "Sensor" outs for the speakers? I have a KM-106 and KM-209 amplifier! Is the M1 better or same? [IMG][/IMG] ... Read More »

Basic C1 is Comin' to Town....suckas!!

Oh yes, sound oh so sweet. I'm off to work but Herbie Hancock just had the performance of his life, right in my living room. I'm using the power section of my Citizen... THANKS KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read More »