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The 'Prima' pre-amplifier, meets all the expectations of the ultimate levels of performance set by Chord with it's stunning control, hi-end audio performance and jewel like design features. The 'Prima' operates Chord's dual bus system, which allows you to tape from any source, while listening to any other. It also hosts Chords new UHF designed Power Supply.

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Jolida JD-100A Tube CD Player / Audio Aero Prima CD Player / Sony SCD-XA9000ES CDP

I'm looking for a reference CD player replacement. I've narrowed my choices down to the three players below. Anyone have any listening experience with these players? Advice? I've been w/out a reference CD player for almost 2 years now. I'm using my cheap DVD player -- and my ears hurt. My last ref ... Read More »

Prima Luna Pro Logue Two and Vandersteen Cs2 Signature ?!

Hello everybody ! I wander if anyone has some experience with regard to the matching of an integrated valve amp Prima Luna Pro Logue Two and the Vandersteen Cs 2 Signature loudspeakers, as i may buy them ?! Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts ?! I am new into the stereo hi-fi, but still want the bes ... Read More »

Has anyone heard the new Prima Luna Dialogue? and a question

I just saw their new DiaLogue lineup on their website. First thing I noticed was that those suckers weigh twice as much as ProLogue series. Specs seem better. Triode/UL option will be nice, but just may tempt me to upgrade my speakers. Most importantly, this could mean that I can buy Prologue2 used ... Read More »

Death to Sports Prima Dona's!

It's been slowly gaining steam. Year after year, a few more join the bandwagon. Recently, it finally came to a crescendo as Terrel Owens and his new agent, Rosenhaus (aka the Anti-Christ), decided that one year into his 7yr. $49m contract he should get a new one that pays him a lot more. Not ... Read More »

Chord Prima pre-amplifier

Please add this pre-amplifier to your website.Chord Prima,also part of the Choral range.Read More »


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